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Thursday, March 10, 2022

[softwares] Open Streaming Platform


 Open Streaming Platform (OSP) is an open-source, RTMP streamer software front-end for Arut's Nginx-RTMP Module. OSP was designed as a self-hosted alternative to services such as,, Mixer, and Youtube Live.

OSP uses Python 3, the Flask Micro-Framework, Nginx-RTMP, VideoJS, Bootstrap, and other modules to build a home for your live streams, videos, and community.

  • RTMP Streaming from an input source like Open Broadcast Software (OBS)
  • Multiple Channels per User, allowing a single user to broadcast multiple streams at the same time without needing multiple accounts
  • Video Stream Recording and On-Demand Playback
  • Per Channel Real-Time Chat for Video Streams
  • Manual Video Uploading of MP4s that are sourced outside of OSP
  • Real-Time Chat Moderation by Channel Owners (Banning/Unbanning)
  • Protected Streams to allow access only to the audience you want
  • Live Channels - Keep chatting and hang out when a stream isn't on
  • Webhooks - Connect OSP to other services via fully customizable HTTP requests which will pass information
  • Embed you stream or video directly into another web page easily
  • Share channels or videos via Facebook or Twitter quickly
  • Ability to Customize the UI as a Theme for your own personal look


  1. OBS Studio
    Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming.

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